About Us

The start of 965Mods.co.uk

2011 marked the start of 965Mods.co.uk which was the original name of this website. The website name came about as part of my username Fma965 and that it originally had some console modding tutorials.

Shortly after the launch of 965mods.co.uk, Lock Me was released. This application was made for personal use to circumvent the limitation of being unable to lock computers at my college. Lock Me (windows screenlock) is a simple and handy tool that enables you to lock your computer using a custom image or video.

The end of 965Mods.co.uk

At the end of 2011 it was decided to move from 965mods.co.uk to ForgottenCoders.co.uk, just prior to this re-brand a few applications were released including Lock Me V2 which added video and audio support and SA-MP Advanced Log Manager (unfortunately the code for this has been lost).

Work for Lock Me V3 was also started however the project was later abandoned due to lack of spare time, it was planned to be WPF based rather than WinForms.

There was briefly plans to create a PS3 AIO Tool however this never came to fruition.

Finally just before the end of 2012 Cyanlabs started playing Portal 2 and uploading the playthroughs to YouTube.

Applications Created
Tutorials Created

We have a Passion for what we do

Windows .NET Applications

C Sharp .NET Windows based applications.

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Open Source

Everything we create is open source and on our GitHub.


Tutorials for many different tech related topics.



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