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We have created many free and open source Windows applications, these include Syn3 Updater, SACNR Keybinder and Portal 2 Map Launcher
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We have created many easy to follow tutorials for various subjects ranging from dynamic DNS to reverse proxies, modifying android devices to re-flashing car firmware.
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We have become well known mostly for our developments relating to upgrading the software on your SYNC 3 in your Ford car, check out our Ford Hub 
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Latest Applications

Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater is a application created to allow you full control in upgrading your car

Syn3 Updater allows you to update your Ford SYNC 3 powered car to versions later than 3.0 even if Ford says no! It also has many other functions including earlier access to new releases before the general public and more.


This Unraid plugin is a wrapper for reading the files used by Unraid / emhttpd for displaying various statistics. The files are converted to JSON for easy access by services/applications such as Home Assistant

HA Volume

Just like VSX Volume, HA Volume hijacks the volume control keys (Vol Up, Vol Down, Mute) to control your Home Assistant media_player entity via the HA RESTful API


RGBSync takes your Asus Aura motherboard colour and sets it to many devices from other manufacturers

UnRAID Temperature

UnRaid Temperature simply shows your UnRaid server's CPU temperature as a windows system tray icon

VSX Volume

VSX Volume is a desktop application that allows you to use your volume keys on your keyboard to directly control your Pioneer VSX Amp via the exposed telnet API

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