SACNR Keybinder Evolution is a application created for SACNR and the successor to SACNR Keybinder
July, 2014


SACNR Keybinder Evolution is a application created for SACNR a san andreas multiplayer server, I have added many more features including 360 controller and mouse binding support.  It has many advanced features and is an improved version of SACNR Keybinder.

  • Auto updater
  • Xbox 360 controller binding
  • Dinput Controller binding
  • Mouse binding
  • Keyboard Binding
  • Log Management
  • Macro’s
  • Changelog Viewer
  • Customizable Delays
  • Toggle Binds
  • And more.

Fixed auto update system for new website setup.
Manual download will be needed.

Fixed update system.
Added email requirement to feedback form to allow me to contact you and prevent spam.

Fixed download links for updater.

Fixed issue with username not being sent when feedback suggested
Fixed slight issue with new update available change log

Fixed a stupid typo for keybinds page 2 (Reported by jagaren)

Fixed advanced settings focus

Fixed 360 Controller not saving state bug
Fixed PC controller not saving state bug
Fixed multi profile username bug
Fixed updater checkbox not saving state bug
Removed show changelog box
Fixed autoupdater aswell
A few other small tweaks

Fixed spam issue with Xbox 360 controller.
Fixed spam issue with Non 360 PC controller.
Fixed Always downloading same version of autoupdater Thats all folks :)

Fixed a few issues with keybinds

Fixed changelog URL

Fixed advanced settings as they were not saving before Made debug checkbox save previous state

Fixed constant "new update" notification

Fixed download system

Changed download/update system

Fixed reset button

Sexy new design, Hope you like it

Fixed bug where mouse wheel would spam last command

Fixed crash that occured when command was less then 4 characters

Added custom timer per command (/command1*¬3000/command2)
Added additional settings such as keyup/keydown, send enter Removed macro delay as its now obsolete
Organized settings tab better

Added "run at windows startup"
Optimized keyboard and mouse hooking
Changed kbdown and mousedown events to be called when key/button is released
Moved feedback form to about tab
Added unlimited toggles to kb,mouse and 360 binds (use # to seperate)
Added macro''s to kb,mouse and 360 binds (use * to seperate)
Changed default keybind enabled state, press enter to activate keybinds
Optimized code, Cleaned old code
Added user sub folder to log management
Changed the way the update system works, it now notifys of new update
Fixed a few bugs


Keyboard Binds 1. Enter your desired command in the “Command” TextBox. E.g “/ej” without quotes 2. Click the “Binded Key” TextBox and Press desired key 4. Check the enable checkbox (the one in line with the previous textboxes)

Mouse Binds 1. Click the Textbox for the mouse button you want to bind 2. Enter your desired command in the selected TextBox. E.g “/ej” without quotes 3. Check the enable checkbox (the one in line with the previous textbox)a

Macro’s Set “Command” TextBox to multiple commands with a * between each (“/ej*/tz*/ar”) this will do each command autmatically with no delay

Macro Delay’s If you want to use a macro but don’t want it to send the commands instantly you can use “¬” like this “/ej¬0500/tz” this will delay the second command by 500 miliseconds. Please note its needs to be 4 digits or it will not work.

Toggle’s Toggle’s now work on everything, Just use ‘#’ without quotes to seperate commands (e.g. /fpslimit 30#/fpslimit 90)

Profiles Allow you to have different keybinds based on SAMP Username, This is good for people who share a PC.

AutoUpdate This will check automatically on startup for a new version and if found download it.

Advanced Customization You can customize all sorts of things including the “#”, “*” and “¬” characters from the “Advanced Settings” tab

Command Line You can use “-debug” to override the window check and you can use “-startup” to start the application minimized.

Additional Information You can change many settings from the “Settings Tab”. Check it out for yourself.

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