Hey guys, i run 2 virtual machines for windows on my UnRAID server and i decided having the browser open all the time to check temperatures wasn’t really a option.

So i created the following basic application.

As you can see it simply shows the temperature on the system tray on windows.

This REQUIRES “Dynamix System Temperature” to be installed on your UnRAID box and configured correctly

This is very early development and although it works there may well be bugs, any questions can be asked at the forum discussion below or if you prefer you can raise a support ticket.
Converted codebase to C# from VB.NET
Fixed various notification tray icon related issues
Added error checking to prevent a few known issues with the icon not showing.
Initial release

Date: January, 2017
Programming Language: C#
License: No License / Open-Source
Requirements: Net Framework 4.8 / Dynamix System Temperature Plugin for UnRAID
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