UPDATE: Please consider using RGB.NET's RGBSync+ instead of this https://github.com/DarthAffe/RGBSyncPlus

RGBSync is an application created after the disaster of manufacturer specific devices. It’s powered by RGB.NET. RGBSync takes your Asus Aura motherboard colour and sets it to many other devices. It supports devices that RGB.net supports so check the link above for updated information.

Supported Devices

Almost all if not all devices supported by https://github.com/DarthAffe/RGB.NET are supported by RGBSync.

RGBSync also supports the Corsair Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro thanks to code by Zenairo which i wrapped in to a DeviceProvider for RGB.NET

Corsair CUE, Logitech GS, Aura all need to be running for this to work, You must not have Corsair Link running if you want to control the LNP or CP with RGBSync.

If your LNP/CP configuration does not work please use the discord link below and leave a message in #rgbsync. It has been tested with 3xHD120 and 4xLED strips and also 6xLL Fans.


Programming Language: C#

License: TBD

Requirements: Net Framework 4.5.2, Asus Aura Capable Motherboard

Closed Source
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