MyBB Notifier

MyBB notifier is a server and client that when used together allows the client to poll the site for new posts. Basically this polls a script on your forum and then gets all new posts for chosen UID

Version: 2.3.4

Date: October, 2014

Programming Language: VB.NET

License: No License / Open-Source

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Changed UI, Moved settings to separate window
Added Google SEO support ?action/&action
Added optional setting for notification sound
Added option to add to startup

Added load default browser directly to post
Requires you to re-enter the script path and web address.
Requires you to re-upload the new notifier.php script

Added auto update system
Added notification sound

fixes broken interval selector

Fixed small issue if settings were wrong on launch it wouldn’t poll.

Added UID option

Initial Release

Both server script and client are included in download

JSON Output:

"subject":"RE: BETA Release: XBMC Remote Keyboard",
"message":"yayay tyay",
"subject":"RE: [WIP] - VSX Remote",
"message":"ok so i got the instant notifier workingn[hr]nyay yay",

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