Portal 2 Map Launcher


Portal 2 Map Launcher is a simple but effective GUI for loading custom and stock portal 2 maps. It doesn’t matter whether you want to load them as solo, splitscreen, or online/lan portal 2 map launcher will launch it. It has many advanced features such as changing map when ingame, skipping the intro of the game, filtering the map list, quickly changing map.


  • Added a function to prevent re-generating the list when checkbox not changed
  • Changed the detection of Solo and Mp Maps.
  • Some behind the scenes changes v1.5.1 Bug fix. (never released)
  • Fixed Splitscreen Bug
  • Prevented filtering the maps unless atleast 3 characters are entered
  • First GitHub release.
  • Changed layout of the checkboxes
  • Added 2 more checkboxes (Other Maps)
  • Changed Tooltips Slightly
  • Now Using a three numbered version system (X.X.X rather than X.X)
  • Issue Tracker is now on GitHub.


  • Changed Hotkey From F2 to F10
  • New Maps Are Added To List When Added To Map Folder
  • Admin Priveleges Not Required Any More
  • Added Automatic Settings (Checkbox States Are Remembered)
  • Added More Robust Detection System & Manual Option
  • Added Quick Instructions To Main Form
  • Removed Quick Commands (Were Pointless)
  • Reorganized The UI
  • Completly Recreated The Filter/Search System (Much Better Now)
  • Cleaned The Code Alot
  • Added Tooltips To Every Button/Label/Checkbox
  • Added Built In Changelog (Click Version Number At Top Right)
  • Fixed Even More Problems


  • Added Drag n Drop Map Area (To Quickly Install Maps)
  • Added Many Buttons For Quick Console Commands
  • Added Option To Disable Splash
  • Added Option To Manually Choose Portal2.exe Location (if not found)
  • Added Button To Browse Map Directory
  • Added Button To Go To Issue Tracker Page
  • Fixed Many Issues
  • Fixed Registry Issue


  • Added hotkey to switch map even easier
  • Added homepage url
  • Added Splashscreen
  • Added About Page
  • Changed Splitscreen/Solo/Lan System
  • Cleaned Code
  • Changed GUI
  • Fixed Bugs
  • And More!


  • Fixed startup bug
  • Wasn’t Released Publicly


  • Added Filter system
  • Added -Hijack Command
  • Added Splitscreen/solo and MP buttons
  • Added changelevel command
  • Added File checking
  • Added Other things
  • Changed GUI layout
  • Changed Loading Method
  • Fixed DLC map bug


  • Initial Release Enjoy do not post mirrors.


Version: 1.6.0
Date: 5 May, 2012
Programming Language: C#
License: No License / Open-Source

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