Updating your Lincoln/Ford Sync 3 (Any Version) to Sync 3.4 or above with the latest available maps (All Regions)

A guide on updating your Ford Sync 3 based car to the latest Sync 3.4 version,
Supported regions : Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, India, South East Asia, Israel, Turkey, Central America, China and more!


This is a newer safer and more compatible guide for Ford / Lincoln Cars to upgrade your Sync 3 on any version to the latest Sync 3.4 version even though older hardware versions of the Sync 3 APIM are not officially compatible with newer versions of Sync.

Thanks to all the Russian guys over at https://ffclub.ru/topic/418797/ and a leaked ford flashing/formatting tool we have a solution.

If you car looks like the left side of this picture you are able to upgrade to Sync 3.4. If you car looks like the right side of this picture then you will require replacement hardware in order to have Sync 3.X

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to Sync 3.4

  • Android Auto navigation on the small screen in the Dash Cluster / Speedo. (potentially car play aswell)
  • Much snappier and more responsive user interface
  • A nicer looking stock blue theme
  • Newest map data for SatNav
  • If you update your APIM firmware you can also get Radio logos and Calm Mode.
  • There are probably others, if you know of any let me know and i will add them here.


Guide Update History
Guide Update History

18/02/2020 – Fixed Australian Nav package, using same method as NA due to missing license.
– Added China packages
– Added ROW Packages (South East Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Middle East and North Africa, India, Israel, South Africa)
– Added full EU Voice Data package with many countries, Added Australian, South America and Taiwanese base package and maps and voice packages.
– Fixed a couple of small inconsistencies 
– Added information about potential error screen, no need to panic, expanded description of IVSU (step 0)
 – Fixed issue with autoinstall.lst for NA Navigation, NA Nav must use Sync_3.4.19101_NA_Base_WithNav_CYANLABS.zip see comments for more information.
– Added a section explaining how to get your existing versions and to take note of them should something go wrong.
25/01/2020 – Initial Release of new updated method


  • Although you can do it with just 1 USB, I recommend at least 2, depending on your chosen regions etc you will need between 8GB and 16GB USB drives, i would highly recommend good quality USB 3.0 ones, despite the car being USB 2.0. USB 3.0 drives are usually faster on USB 2.0 as they use better and faster components.
  • A car with Ford / Lincoln Sync 3 installed, if you have the old 4 quadrant sync 2 system as shown above you are out of luck.
  • Please note the following variants of the APIM.
    • American, UAE, Turkey, ROW and China APIM’s with navigation has 32GB of storage.
    • European APIM with navigation has 64GB of storage.
    • European, American and ROW APIM’s without navigation have only 8GB or 16GB of storage.

0. Taking note of your current IVSU’s

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong it is highly recommend to take note of your current installed IVSU’s
This information will also be requested by me if your region isn’t currently supported. make sure to take note of this!

  1. First we need to enter in to “Bezel Diagnostics”, this can change from car to car but it should be one of the following
    • Hold Skip Track on the stereo and Skip Track on the steering wheel for around 10 seconds. (Confirmed working on Ford Focus)
    • Hold Eject Skip for around 10 seconds.
    • Hold Eject Seek for around 10 seconds.
    • If none of the above work try googling “car name Sync diagnostic mode”.
  2. Once we are in Bezel Diagnostics touch “End Test”.
  3. Then touch “APIM Diagnostics”.
  4. Next touch “IVSU Versions”.
  5. Now you should be at a screen like below. Take some photos of this information and make sure to scroll down if able to.
    The part numbers are the most important bit.

  6. Once you have all this information safely saved we can exit bezel diagnostics and continue with the rest of the guide.

1. Putting your Sync 3 in to “Factory Mode”

  1. Download the following file
  2. Make sure your USB is MBR not GPT – Click for instructions
  3. Format the smallest USB drive as exFAT in windows by right clicking the drive in This PC and pressing Format… and then make sure it’s set to exFAT and press Start.
    you may wish to format all drives that you will be using to save time later, all drives need to be MBR and exFAT.
  4. Extract Sync_Reformat_Tool_CYANLABS.zip to the root of the USB, it should look like this.
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
  5. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer and keep it to the side for now.

2. Downloading and copying the base system

Download one of the following files depending on your desired region.

  • European Base Package (for Nav and Non-Nav variants)
    Supported Voice Languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English British, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
    MD5: A80CE697E62D9906D16972A3E3F3B8A3
    SHA-1: 18657169759E1C88BDC27943DC4B8E6C6EF5395C
  • Australian, South America and Taiwan Base Package (for Non-Nav variants)
    Supported Voice Languages: English Australian, English British, English American, German, Taiwanese Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Mexican, Turkish
    MD5: A42C74FFF281C09824C549E6604A353E
    SHA-1: 7FD4A8F8FE61074CC6761BABEFC4E9359DE578A6
  • Australian, South America and Taiwan Base Package (for Nav)
    Supported Voice Languages: English Australian, English British, English American, German, Taiwanese Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Mexican, Turkish
    MD5: 249F9526B30D47021FBC0E97856CE1AA
    SHA-1: 6716CAEB207CC77E35C488FD837DC84DB78EC80C
  • South East Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Middle East and North Africa, India, Israel, South Africa Base Package (for Nav and Non-Nav variants)
    Supported Voice Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English British, English Indian, English American, French Canadian, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish Mexican, Thai
    MD5: EAE3B03650E1714008B9EE8BC797A382
    SHA-1: 83BB1A033B3C2AB42B9340DA1F2D102F4463892E
  • American Non-Navigation Base Package (For Non-Nav variant)
    Supported Voice Languages: English American, French Canadian, Spanish Mexican
    MD5: 88570C69CCB23A0711786F8CF9C21404
    SHA-1: 142CAD54BCFE5FE0640A76035D7324BCB8C294C5
  • American Navigation Base Package (for Nav variant) with 19101, NA Grace notes, NA Voice (NA logos are pre-included), Navigation Map and Voice data.
    Languages supported: English American, French Canadian, Spanish Mexican
    MD5: FB9C50F51500923A638631FB1005B84A
    SHA-1: 18764F047CF866E7AA91928F3E77D17C898807BA
  • China (for Nav and Non-Nav variants)
    Supported Voice Languages: English American. Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin
    MD5: A84C1DD4B944EB6438ED4B84D891B7C4
    SHA-1: 2581F0E6C7D9CD1D144A0100A51B8001AC2596E3

Not sure what region you are or know that your region isn’t included, send me the IVSU Versions of your current system and i will see what i can do.

  1. Extract Sync_3.4.19101_*_Base**_CYANLABS.zip to the root of the USB again make sure it’s MBR (not GPT) and exFAT, it should look like this,
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
  2. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer and take this and the first USB to your car.


3. Installing the 3.4 base system

  1. insert the first USB in to your car and make sure the ignition is on after ~2 minutes it should reboot and show “Please insert USB”

    If you instead see the following screen, do no panic, this is usually due to the reformat tool finding the first USB which doesn’t contain the correct files.
  2. At this point we need to remove this USB and insert the second USB. If you are on the red error screen restart your SYNC (ignition off + open door)
  3. Once the USB is detected it will start the reformat process and will progress through the following screens, it will take around 10 minutes.
    If you used the American with Nav package it will take significantly longer, 40-60 minutes if not longer.
  4. Once the install is complete you will see this screen, remove the USB and the system should start SYNC and the base system should be updated
  5. You should now be on 3.4.19101.
    • If you have a EU or NA non navigation model or a NA or ANZ navigation model you are done.
    • If you have a EU navigation model please continue below to install navigation and voice and resolve the navigation fault.

4. Installing the navigation map data

This step is not required for NA navigation, NA navigation is included in the Sync_3.4.19101_NA_Base_WithNav_CYANLABS.zip file.

Download one of the following map files

    • European F8 Navigation Maps
      MD5: 562E4A00C9EAA04ADF0FAF46F446E05E
      SHA-1: 57498EF4DEAE83B57A08FE9AAC1579374020991A
    • ANZ (Australia, New Zealand), South America and Taiwan F7 Navigation Maps
      MD5: DF55A8961437C0845F776A609C7D6595
      SHA-1: F0FFC614C8E19CF52D12A968017B914A9C4739BB
    • China F7 Navigation Maps
      MD5: 7CB592E6793896E89E59CB5615A419DC
      SHA-1: 8F8A6F9967C107C1BDA75F36F9A74A53A030AF0E
    • ROW (South East Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Middle East and North Africa, India, Israel, South Africa) 2018 Quarter 4 Maps
      This region is slightly difference. The navigation is by another company and the packages are slightly different, The map data will contain map voice also and can be downloaded directly from NaviExtras. The .tgz files once extracted with something like 7Zip will have the same structure as mentioned below.

  1. Extract Sync_3.X_*_F*_Navigation_CYANLABS.zip to the root of the USB again make sure it’s MBR (not GPT) and exFAT, it should look like this,
    The DONTINDX.MSA is not critical.
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
  2. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer, switch on your car ignition and insert the USB you will see the following message at the top of the screen. It can take over 40 minutes, if you think your battery may die make sure to start your engine, you may wish to do this on your commute or a long journey so you aren’t sat in your car for a long time.
  3. Once the install is complete you will see this screen, restart your car and you should have navigation, however we still need to add the navigation voice (unless you are in the ROW region), continue below.

5. Installing the navigation voice data

This step is not required for NA navigation, NA navigation is included in the Sync_3.4.19101_NA_Base_WithNav_CYANLABS.zip file.

Download one of the following navigation voice files

  • European F8 Navigation Voice (Full)
    Languages supported: Dutch, English British, French, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
    MD5: 79C1BC9F3D77C5AC517691C01913C4C2
    SHA-1: 2AA1CB2E0CFFDC5379FA59FC58C8A9A2492CBAE4
  • European F8 Navigation Voice (Lite, Limited Languages)
    Languages supported: English British, Dutch, French and German
    MD5: ED0E50BE254D90A79CD0C1042D3951E3
    SHA-1: 7C82476202308BDF07EE37ED576A3F266C3DC5BC
  • ANZ (Australian, New Zealand), South America and Taiwan F7 Navigation Voice
    Languages supported: ANZ (English Australian, English British), SA (English American, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish Mexican), TUR (English American, German, Russian, Turkish)
    MD5: 6F413F82976696AE7F516908A3B02DD7
    SHA-1: 2A6B6DD0BA12F30D2EFAEDD6822802713B9DE089
  • China F7 Navigation Voice
    Languages supported: English American, Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin
    MD5: D5DBDDDB9B3C6C6AF1CF1891B8181B81
    SHA-1: FEC090BA2770294F766C172BFF87E11FC61E7FB1
  1. Extract Sync_3.X_*_F*_Nav_Voice_CYANLABS.zip to the root of the USB again make sure it’s MBR (not GPT) and exFAT, it should look like this,
    The DONTINDX.MSA is not critical.
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
  2. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer, switch on your car ignition and insert the USB you will see the following message at the top of the screen. It won’t take as long as the map data but can still take over 20 minutes, if you think your battery may die make sure to start your engine, you may wish to do this on your commute or a long journey so you aren’t sat in your car for a long time.
  3. Once the install is complete you will see this screen, restart your car and you should now be fully up and running, continue below if you wish to upgrade to 19274.

6. Optional Extras

Upgrading to Sync 3.4.19274
Downgrading to Sync 3.4.19101 or Sync 3.4.19200
Updating the firmware
Ford Sync file archive
Ford Sync 3 error code list
Sites that are discussing this guide
Upgrading to Sync 3.4.19274

Please note that the reformat tool has been BLACKLISTED in this version meaning you can’t use the reformat tool any more, you can however downgrade to an older version to be able to re-use the reformat tool (see section below)

  1. Download the following file.
  2. Extract the Sync_3.4.X_To_Sync_3.4.19274_CYANLABS.zip file to the root of the USB, it should look like this,
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
    The DONTINDX.MSA is not critical.

  3. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer, switch on your car ignition and insert the USB you will see the following message at the top.
  4. Once the install is complete you will see this screen and you should be on 19274 after a restart.
Downgrading to Sync 3.4.19101 or Sync 3.4.19200

This is only required if you have already upgraded to 19274 and wish to downgrade back to an older version. since 19274 blocks the reformat tool we will do a workaround and “update” to a lower version 19101 or 19200 in this case. This can also be used to switch from 19200 to 19101 and vice versa.

  1. Download one of the following files
  2. Extract the Sync_3.4.X_To_Sync_3.4.19***_CYANLABS.zip file to the root of the USB, it should look like this,
    Do not extract any TAR.GZ files only extract the .zip
    the DONTINDX.MSA is not critical.
  3. Safely remove the USB and unplug it from your computer, switch on your car ignition and insert the USB you will see the following message at the top.
  4. Once the install is complete you will see this screen and you should be on 19274 after a restart.
Updating the firmware

You may wish to upgrade your APIM firmware, to do this you will need either UCDS (recommended method) or a USB ELS27 or similar and the experimental ForScan build check the ForScan forums, more information can be found here https://ffclub.ru/topic/418797/jump_1470/

If you don’t update your firmware you may not get features like radio logos or “calm mode”.

To quote the Russian forum.

Calibration must be updated using Forscan or UCDS. In both case you have to follow a specific order. The order is the following:

GB5T-14G376-AA.vbf (Bootloader) //Mandatory
XXXX-14G374-XX.vbf (Diret Config Configuration) //Mandatory
XXXX-14G375-XX.vbf (ECU Calibration Data) //Mandatory
GB5T-14G379-AA.vbf (ECU Cal-Config #1 AKA Audio Profiles) //Facoltative
XXXX-14G379-XX.vbf (ECU Cal-Config #2 AKA Illumination) //Facoltative

Both 14G379 are not mandatory but i honestly don’t know which cars need it and which doesn’t.

Where you see XX it’s because it change based on revision (version), bootloader and audio profiles never changes (at least until now)

To determinate if a calibration is for a MY18.5 you have to read the first XXXX, they must have 1U5T or 5U5T (maybe 3U5T and 4U5T too but i’m not sure if they exist)

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that file 14G374 is different based on APIM region and Flash Size. here a summary:

XXXX-14G375-A*.vbf 8GB / 16GB EU without NAV
XXXX-14G375-B*.vbf 8GB / 16GB NA without NAV
XXXX-14G375-C*.vbf 8GB / 16GB ROW without NAV
XXXX-14G375-D*.vbf 32GB NA with NAV
XXXX-14G375-E*.vbf 32GB CHINA with NAV
XXXX-14G375-F*.vbf 32GB XX (i think it means ANY region) with NAV (Telenav)
XXXX-14G375-G*.vbf 32GB ROW With NAV (NNG)
XXXX-14G375-H*.vbf 64GB EU with NAV
XXXX-14G375-J*.vbf 32GB TURKEY with NAV
XXXX-14G375-K*.vbf 32GB UAE with NAV (NNG)

Where you can download the files?

From here:

If you are having issues where the APIM doesn’t turn off after the car ignition is off and door opened, you may need to use UCDS to set APIM > DEO5 > “illumination Gateway” > C1MCA,
i presume this can be done via ForScan however unfortunately i do not have the AsBuilt hex values.

Ford Sync file archive

You can use these files to create your own reformat.lst or autoinstall.lst files, a reformat.lst example can be found below.


The list that used to be here was not up to date so i have removed it, please refer to https://ffclub.ru/topic/418797/ for all of these files / links.

Ford Sync 3 error code list

Error Codes




LST_ERR06 – Error is LST_ERR_MALICIOUS_CHAR  – Fix: Make sure there are no spaces in filenames or other strange characters in the autoinstall.lst file
LST_ERR08 – Error is LST_ERR_OPEN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED – Fix: you can only have 10 items in the autoinstall.lst, remove extras.





Contributions and Help

Hopefully you are all up and running with your newly upgraded Sync software however if you are not leave a comment below, send a Facebook message or join the discord server

When leaving a comment or message please include the following

  1. Region
  2. Sync Version
  3. Navigation or Non Navigation
  4. What type of computer you used (Windows, Mac, Linux etc)
  5. Any relevant information such as error message or screenshot

This will help me help you quicker.

If this guide has been helpful and you would like to support CyanLabs feel free to donate using one of the buttons below. This is greatly appreciated but of-course is not required at all.

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Still Struggling?

Due to the sheer amount of views and comments this guide has received i am unable to help everyone on a 1 by 1 basis however i will try my best to help in the comments, on discord and via Facebook. There are currently over 100k views on this page and over 500 comments.

However if you are still struggling with getting this sorted i am happy to help remotely via TeamViewer remote desktop software (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Chrome Remote Desktop (ChromeOS) for a small fee of $25 USD for 1 to 1 (Text Chat) support remotely paid via Paypal, Unfortunately multiple people have decided to go for this and not pay so i do require this Payment before hand to prevent people from getting the help and not paying. If this is something you are interested in please contact me via Email, Facebook or Discord.

463 Comments. Leave new

  • USA
    3.4 (19201)
    Windows 10
    everything works as it should besides Navigation. I go to load my 3rd USB and it pulls SIGN_ERR01 any idea what im doing wrong? other then that everything works as it should besides Navigation

  • I just tried your newest NA with NAV method (1 file + Format tool) and it worked perfectly. Previously I could update to 3.4, but when I would load NA Nav, Sync would give me the error SIGN_ERR01 and wouldn’t go any further. I tried re-downloading and reformatting several times with no luck. Thanks for the new update!

  • Have a 2016 Focus RS (RS2 trim level with Nav) in the United States and want to update to 3.4. Do you have a guide on how to update the APIM firmware using Forscan? I have an OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBD2 adapter and Forscan loaded on a laptop but can’t find a way to update it using Forscan.

  • I upgraded right now on MacOS, 11/2018 pre-facelift Ford Mondeo HB, navigation, everything went as described. In last step I upgraded Czech nav voice. Many thanks to fma965 – I`ll buy you coffee.

    Without last step Sync3 was in Czech language, talking Czech, voice commands in Czech, but navi voice command were missing.
    Becourse of some maps upgrade problems reported I made one minor change in maps autoinstall file. I changed all files extension with small font. Some systems are case sensitive and files are .tar.gz but autoinstall file paths are .TAR.GZ.
    After restart system was bit lagy, but after several operations seems to be OK. I am pretty sure it is not faster nor smoother. Graphics is more modern, navi maps shows both ETA and KMs.

    EDIT: upgraded to 19274. Everything works perfect.

    • Thanks, i’m not sure quite what you are saying with this part “Without last step Sync3 was in Czech language, talking Czech, voice commands in Czech, but navi voice command were missing.” are you saying the navigation voice wasn’t czech? did you fix this?

      • No, everything was in Czech except navigation voice commands(czech language changed in setup). This was fixed after updating voice command file (described in last step) I only wanted to point it.

        Now I am going to upgrade to 19274. I’m confused about this sentence: Once you have downloaded the above package for your region… What region is in download?

      • No, everything was in Czech except navigation voice commands(czech language changed in setup). This was fixed after updating voice command file (described in last step) I only wanted to point it.

        Now I am going to upgrade to 19274. I’m confused about this sentence: Once you have downloaded the above package for your region… What region is in download?

  • Couple questions.

    First: anyone pull this off on a 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum? I am stuck on V3.0 19205 I believe. After it’s installed I can see Android Auto screens in the center instrument cluster (behind the steering wheel)? if so that is awesome 🙂

    Second: if I am using US Nav, then I don’t need the third USB stick? Just stick one for repartitioning then stick two with the US NAV version is enough right?

    Third: I don’t need to upgrade the APIM, right? No reason but I could reflash it to get the Calm Mode?

    • 1. It will work on any sync 3 I’m sure someone has done it for a ford expedition.

      2. Correct due to the lack of licenses for na maps we do a workaround.

      3. Nope but if you can it’s good to do so to get extra features.

      Aa will show in the instrument cluster screen but it may need a Apim firmware update I’m not sure.

  • Hi, first I want to thank you, the upgrade worked for me and now I’m on Sync 3.4 on a Ford Mondeo Vignale Hybrid from 2017, which was running sync 3.0.

    The F8 maps are not only for 3.2 and higher, I had the F8 maps installed on sync 3.0 (Europe)

    I do not really like the new theme compared to how 3.0 did look like, but I will get used too it. I think it looks like a pioneer aftermarket radio now but on the other hand, it is more fancy. The blue does just totally not match Fords black interiors I guess 🙂

    After the system restarted (after the first usb stick was put in) I worried, because the screen did go black and did no longer respond to anything (I saw some red error screen for a while). A few restarts of the car did help me, I was happy when the message ‘insert USB’ did show up. After this message, the update started succesfully. I like the images, but I cannot imagine that Ford has put them in? Who has created this update tool?

    The DONTINDX is not listed in the Google drive link (first USB). Do you know what this DONTINDX does? Because I did not had it on my USB, and the Ford sync system did show (for a short time) ‘indexing files’. j

    I think you should put your ‘DONTINDX’ is not critical warning also in step 1.

    A question: is it possible to downgrade to 3.0, now when 3.4 is installed?

    Another question: what are the differences between 19101, 19200 and 19274?

    I think it is a bit crazy that Ford just doesn’t publish these updates publicly..

    Again: many thanks, I really appreciate the work that you are putting into these guide.

    Edit: when I open my car door, the Vignale logo will still show. But when I shut the car down and open the door, a Ford logo will appear instead of a vignale logo. I guess that this is happening with every default theme, so maybe you can add it to the guide.

    Edit 2: I also cannot turn the heated seats on via the display, but I do not know if I was able to do this in 3.0 (although I vague remember that I could)

    Edit 3: I’m seeing video’s of sync 3.4 with the heated steering wheel/seats and cooled seats options available on the screen, even on the home screen (which is new). I do not understand why I do not see them, maybe this has something to do with the various versions of 3.4? Or maybe the firmware?

    Edit 4: Does the ‘scrolling’ through a song only works with USB music and not when a Bluetooth phone is connected?

    Edit 5: It looks like the day/night theme switching is a lot slower, compared to sync 3.0.

    • hi, Thanks for the detail replied. maybe a bit too detailed 😉

      No this is a leaked ford official tool, the images are probably to stop any potential LCD burn in, although i’m not sure these displays are using a technology that is prone to this. the images are a bit odd though i have to admit, i guess since it’s a factory tool they probably just did something to show it wasn’t frozen.
      It has to be official as all packages are signed by ford’s cryptographic signature. strangely this tool does check if you have a compatible car but then continues anyway, could literally be a bug in the code or intentional, either way we can use it to get sync 3+ on our non 3+ compatible devices.

      the DONTINDX file is exactly what it sounds like “Dont Index” it tells SYNC to just not index the USB and instead only process the update.

      You can downgrade but the exact steps vary a lot, hopefully you took note of your IVSU’s as that will make it a lost easier.

      I can’t answer what the differences are, 19200 appears to be what is used on new cars in showrooms according to reports., 19101 is the only one with a auto dim option, all others force it on with no choice to change it.

      It is complicated for ford to update older units, the reformat tool, repartitions the system. they can’t release an update due to too small partition sizes on the older variants.

      Edit 1 : Yes this happens on default themes, not sure if it’s a bug by ford and they never fixed it or it’s intentional, personally i reckon the latter.

      Edit 2 / 3 : You will likely need to set some setting in Forscan or UCDS, i can’t advise with this as it’s different depending on many factors, google your car and apim asbuilt.

      Edit 4: honestly i don’t know i only really use AA mostly.

      Edit 5: i don’t seem to have this issue,.

  • Following the steps of the “New and improved” tutorial i successfully installed the EU 3.4 base system, navigation and voice data.
    Focus ST year 2017
    Region: ITALY
    Sync Version: 3.0 Build 19205
    Windows 10.
    Installation: To activate factory mode took about 10 sec after inserting the 1 usb, at this point i was a little bit worried because a red screen appeared with “Error update package not found…” i just wait 1 minute to see if something happens, did nothing, at this point i remove the 1 usb and insert the second one, it immediately recognize it and start installing the base 3.4, after about 9 minutes the installation was completed and running.
    For the maps data took about 35 minutes. At this point i try the navigation before installing the voice data and it was running correctly in the language(ITI) i use with 3.0 sync version.
    For the voice data took about 8 minutes to install and nothing seems to change, everything its working fine till now.

    Update i running on:
    Sync version 3.4 Build 19101
    Gracenote: (EU-0010)

  • well i used the old guide months ago and was getting the “Update in progress” block of text on almost every ignition on sequence. Then i saw this new and updated guide, downgraded from 19274 to 19200 i think, reformatted and followed the new guide and…no “update in progress” text anymore…WOOOO
    I do however want to update the APIM firmware and i will be using forscan however, the optional guide on updating APIM is confusing as f**k to me.
    I have the needed adapter cable and experimental build but its just i’m now at a loss of what i need to download, steps to take etc…
    Could someone with knowledge on this guide me through..I WILL NOT HOLD YOU RESPONSBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSS OF FUNCTION TO MY SYSTEM.
    Thank you

    I have a 2017 Ford Focus Titanium X

    • After some internet research I still do not have any idea about how to update the APIM. If you find something, please let me know because I would really like the calm mode and radio images.

      • I’m also wanting to upgrade the apim software. I believe it requires hardware that you have to purchase. From what I can tell it requires a usb to odb connector and some software called forscan.

        • yeah i can find that, I have buyd a cheap obd to usb connector and downloaded forscan. I’m waiting till the adapter arives.

        • But to be fair, I do not think we will be able to update the firmware on short-term. There is a beta program running on Forscan and if you ask for the files they will send it, but it seems to be extremely unreliable. Furthermore it looks like people on Russian forum did manage to update the firmware.

          • Russian forum use UCDS which is paid licensed software ahardware made in Russia. About 140eur . Due to the risks involved I don’t want to explain the Apim flashing progress via forscan. It’s bad enough when people cry saying there Apim software has broke because they fucked something up. I don’t want to be responsible (even though I’m not) for the low-level firmware on these devices (essentially a bios) being screwed up by using some pre release version of forscan, it also supposedly takes 30 minutes plus with forscan UCDS can do it in seconds. With that slow of a flash many things that are unexpected can happen.

            That said I will give a hint. There is discussion on flashing via forscan on the fordownersclub in the “sites discussing this guide” section.

          • richard brachwitz
            29th January 2020 12:09 pm

            Forscan is still in expermental stage and NOT stable .

          • Correct 🙂

    • I’m guessing you are the guy on the ford owners club forum?

    • This is the information that comes with the experimental forscan build… No link provided. But it’s on the discord server.

      This function is in testing stage. There are problems, known ones and may be not known ones. Please note you use it “AS IS”. In no event shall FORScan team be liable for any direct or indirect damage, caused by use of this function. We strongly recommend to foresee an option to recover “bricked” module with another equipment (like IDS).

      Short instruction:

      The function is called “Module firmware update” and available in Configuration and Programming section. Content
      consists of 2 columns: current assembly/calibration and available for programming. All the firmware files that included into
      the assembly are displayed.

      There are 2 filter checkbox on the top (enabled by default):
      Only official branch – only firmware from official branch, this is what available in IDS. If this filter box is unchecked, all
      possible builds will be displayed, but only compatible with current hardware
      Only newer than current – this shows only builds that are newer than current. If you need older ones, uncheck this box.

      Every firmware file has status indicator on the right:
      – green – file is ready for programming and will be programmed
      – yellow – the file will not participate in programming
      – red – file is required but missing or damaged

      There 2 options at the bottom:

      – Force program unchanged firmware – if some file in the new calibration level is not changed, FORScan will not write it. This option changes the behaviour and all files will be rewritten.

      – Switch *ALL* modules to programming mode (silence on buses) – in this mode FORScan will switch all modules on both buses to programming mode, to make them “silent”. Unfortunately, this function properly works only on J2534 adapters with MS-CAN support. ELM327 kind of adapters and J2534 Passthru without MS-CAN can implement it partially (on current bus only) due to adapter limitations. This may cause serious panic in some modules. So it is recommended to use this option ONLY if there is no other way to program a module.

      There are 2 buttons on the bottom:
      – Download – download missing files from Internet ( Motorcraft site)
      – Program! – start the programming process

      It has to be counted that not all of firmware files are available on Motorcraft site (only those that allowed
      for dealership).

      Known problems:

      – It is not recommended to use china ELM327, as it is impossible to guarantee stable work in there. ELM327 Adapters that proved their ability to program firmware:
      — ELS27 – original (clone may hang after 30-40 minutes of work)
      — OBDLink SX (doesn’t support MS-CAN, so may need to be modified for it)
      — VINT-TT55502 USB (marked as Ford/Mazda/FORScan compatible, with HS/MS CAN switch)
      — VeePeak USB (marked as Ford/Mazda/FORScan compatible, with HS/MS CAN switch)

      – We do not recommend to program power steering modules yet. This requires special procedure. Current implemenation bricks Mondeo 4 PSCM

      – We do not recommend to program modules that have ECU Configuration * parts in their firmware, FORScan may not offer right file

      FORScan shows summarized firmware size and estimated programming time in the warning dialog before start
      programming. We recommend to pay attetion to these numbers, as programming time may be very significant (several hours).
      Time estimate for J2534 adapters may be very inexact yet.

      After the firmware update modules usually throw U2100 DTC. The following sequence of actions is enough to clear it:
      – Run Module configuration programmin (As Built format) and load *AB factory configuration in there. Please prepare it
      advance (download for Motorcraft site by VIN), as current version cannot download it in automated mode yet.
      – write All (all blocks!) to the module. If configuration isn’t changed change, FORScan will ask to confirm force write,
      please confirm it.

      After first successful connect to vehicle FORScan will create vehicle profile. We recommend to backup profiles, as they may be helpful in case of restoring.

      What we would like to get in case of problems:
      – short report about the problem
      – FORScan debug information (FORScan.log and dump.bin)
      – user logs (content of Log tab in the section Configuration and Programming).

      FORScan Team

  • Was there some sort of method between the old method and new that no longer available where you had to load the USA maps and voice after loading 3.4? This is what i was following. 3.4 loaded easily, but having trouble getting the maps to load.

    • yes, using the withnav file in step 2 will work fine though

      Due to a missing na maps license we can’t install Na maps the same as EU maps, therefore repeat the process from the start (downgrade if on 19274) and use the withnav file.

  • Any clue where i can find 3.4 latest update for India location

  • Omran Alabbadi
    27th January 2020 3:03 pm


    after upgrade to 3.4 19274, the screen became smaller and the touch is not working.

    i tried to re-use USB 1 to format the system again,, but it’s not working.

    any suggestion ??

    I used the below reformat.Ist for upgrading:



  • Vardenis Pavardenis
    27th January 2020 8:21 pm


    Q: I have Ford Fusion 2017 from US but I am in EU – do I need to use American files or EU as I live in EU? What is the difference between them?


    • Navigation or not navigation? if it’s not navigation then the only difference is supported languages, US = canada, american, mexican / EU = German, Dutch, British, French

      • Vardenis Pavardenis
        27th January 2020 9:35 pm

        No navigation. Are there any differences in Radio i.e. no Sirius (or how it is called) and EU bands enabled in EU files? Or as you mentioned the only difference is in supported languages?

        Thanks 🙂

  • can i just update maps on my sync 3 3.0 2013 ford taurus

  • Successful did the Update from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.19101 with the new method from 25/01/2020 on my 2017 Ford Focus ST Turnier. Location: Germany

  • Successful did the Update from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.19101 with the new method from 25/01/2020 on my 2017 Ford Focus ST Turnier. Location: Germany

  • My Ford Explorer 2018 is a US model with NAV. I know the APIM has only 32Gb and the EU APIM 64Gb.
    Can I install complete EU NAV version with EU maps by leaving out the parts of Europe I won’t travel to by editing the autoinstall.lst file (and thus saving space)?

    • Yes, if you look at the original old version of this guide you will see I had a UK only package for this reason

      • Almost there, maps are installed but Switzerland is missing. Has anyone found out where those maps are included?

        • Did you take note of your IVSU before updating?

          • Yes, I did, this was shown before the update process:

            My reformat file looks like this:

            Maps of Germany, Netherlands, UK are installed, just not my neighborhood.
            Btw, many thanks for the effort taken here!

  • I followed the guide on on how to make sure your USB is MBR and not GPT. When i deleted the volume it completely made my USB unusable and would not even recognize it. I had to google how to restore it and now it appears to be back to normal. I also googled how to check if my USB was MBR but when i did that it said to click on the volume tab which none of my USBs have? They are older 5+ year USB devices. Should they be MBR and not GPT? The 16gb is a ScanDisk and the 1GB is a PNY USB. Thanks!

  • I am using the old method on a PC in the US with navigation. I am consistently getting an file error message it seems at the TAR.GZ level and on a different file each time. I am now stuck in this loop and cannot do anything with the system https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71930b98e61e0468b58790e22688eee0386f9d9ae0695d186af3fa57835990b0.jpg

  • I just received a notification on my Ford app today “Update SYNC 3” it does not give a version number. Anyone know if it could be this version ?

  • Followed the instructions to the letter on a North American 2019 Mustang w/NAV, and it installed perfectly. Thank you! Only issue is that Waze does not display NAV info on the dash cluster at all, and Google Maps only shows distance to the next turn, total time and distance always say 0.0. I’m assuming it’s just something that Waze and Google Maps need to update to pass the info to Sync, but is anyone else seeing this issue?

    • Google maps for me works fine in my focus, Waze doesn’t show anything.

      • Are you using 19101 or 19274? I have a 2018 F150 Raptor id like to upgrade my sync 3.0 to 3.4 on version 19274 but would definitely need Waze and Google maps on Android Auto to work. Should they work?

        • They work, Waze just doesn’t show on the small screen with your Speedo (instrument cluster) im using 19101. Before 3.4 both Google maps and waze didn’t show. On 3.4 Google does but Waze still doesn’t.

          • This is a waze “problem”. Apparently waze has not yet implemented the proper handles for the remote navigation hand off.

          • Yes I wish they did

          • Is there any reason you are using 19101 and not 19274? I have a newer vehicle and am confused which version i should load on it? I would like the version with no bugs/glitches. I have a question about installing as well.
            After I put in the first reformat usb, I put in second 19101 NA W/Nav package usb and then I can put in the third 19274 usb and I should be all set if I’m understanding correctly?

          • Not really, 19101 can have auto dim turned off it’s not a option on newer versions it’s forced on

  • I just upgraded to 3.4 successfully (18focusRS NA with NAV) and everything works fine except the cars navigation. When I touch the icon for NAV nothing happens. Any advice/help?

  • Wilfredo O. Ruiz Rodriguez
    30th January 2020 1:24 am

    Followed the 3.3 to 3.4 download procedure and succesfully updated in 10 minutes! It was a 2019 Ford Fusion SE in the US.

  • Can I upgrade my 17 Mustang with these Instructions??

  • Wilfredo O. Ruiz Rodriguez
    30th January 2020 1:24 am

    Followed the 3.3 to 3.4 download procedure and succesfully updated in 10 minutes! It was a 2019 Ford Fusion SE in the US.

  • I have a non nav, small screen(between the gauges), how do I get Android Auto info to the small screen?

  • Is there any hardware differences with Nav vs Non Nav on a 2018 SLT Explorer? Do you know of a way to install this version and get navigation with it? Running Android Auto but thought I would see if the possibility was out there. NA Region

  • Ibrahim Yousef
    31st January 2020 8:42 am

    I already updated to 3.4.19274
    But It’s didn’t have Arabic language, how can I add it?

  • Vardenis Pavardenis
    31st January 2020 5:13 pm


    was updating with EU version and got error during gracenotes – red screen saying “Error in 4U5T-….”

    MD5/SHA-1 are correct and usb looks fine… not sure why…

    • Vardenis Pavardenis
      31st January 2020 5:48 pm

      OK, so NA version went fine! What happens if I will use EU version but will take gracenotes from NA version?

      • Vardenis Pavardenis
        31st January 2020 7:37 pm

        was trying to update to 19274 but got ERRMEM-03 or something like that 🙁

        • You don’t have enough space on your Apim. So can’t update like you are trying to. You can technically replace the 19101 with 19274 and reflash but you could potentially lock yourself out of the reformat tool then.

          • Vardenis Pavardenis
            31st January 2020 8:21 pm

            but as I understood I will be able to “update” back to 19200 or I am missing something?

          • you because you don’t have enough storage space to update to 19274 therefore you also wouldn’t have enough to go back to 19200 once on 19274 and you can’t use the reformat workaround because the reformat tool is blocked in 19274

          • Vardenis Pavardenis
            1st February 2020 2:13 pm

            why do we need GB5T-14G386-AB.tar.gz in 19274 as this one is just script to collect some log files (this is what I found on internet)?

          • Correct, you don’t really, I just left it in there as that’s what an official update would do. I wouldn’t recommend uploading the log to ford though.

  • Benjamin Franco
    31st January 2020 7:18 pm

    Hello. How to confirm the version of Sync 3 I have ?
    I want to know if my C-Max is really a non-Nav EU…

  • Hi, I upgraded my 2018 mustang and everything is good except the reverse sensors icon now shows a 4 door sedan instead of a mustang. Any way to change that to mustang again.

  • Hi,

    I have a 2018 plate focus (UK) with 3.0 software, just updated via ford.uk, so I have F8 maps. Read the guide, awesome job! but I have a couple of questions if I could before I take the plunge.
    1. I’ve read a few comments about problems with autodim, what exactly is the problem and does it effect 3.4.1901 or just the higher versions?
    2. I’m still in warranty and still getting ‘official’ updates. Do you have any idea how long you get updates before they cut you adrift?
    Thanks very much!

  • My sync3 is v2.0 ford fusion hybrid 2016..with arabic language supported, does this update go with my sync3???

  • Justo Belgrano
    1st February 2020 3:49 am

    Do you recommend this for South America version of 2016 nav focus with 3.0 19205?

  • HI i upgrade my 16 Taurus from 3.0(19205) to 3.4 with Nav but i have one problem my clock is wrong and i can`t change it , how can i fix ? from Iraq/ Kurdistan

  • HI i upgrade my 16 Taurus from 3.0(19205) to 3.4 with Nav but i have one problem my clock won’t set , how can i fix ? from Iraq/ Kurdistan

  • I already have 3.4, 19274, and US Maps 1-18, I’m assuming that is the 2018 US maps? Or are these maps a year later at 2019?
    How would I know what files are just the maps?

  • Updated 2015 Mustang GT Premium to Sync 3.4 with NA Nav Data. Zero issues.

  • Hi all. I figured I would share some details of a successful upgrade since most of the comments are people here with questions or issues with the process. I’m hoping this will help those decide whether the upgrade is worth it.

    Vehicle: 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty
    Navigation: Yes
    Original Sync Version: 3.0.19205
    New Sync Version: 3.4.19101
    Region: North America/US

    I followed the new process that is documented here and didn’t have any issues. It took just over 25 minutes to install, including the maps, map voice and base packages. I thought it was going to take a lot longer, but it was fairly painless and quick. The system reset by itself when done and navigation, clock, voice assistance all worked without having to restart or do a master reset. I also have a SiriusXM subscription that worked fine after the upgrade. Channel art also works as well. I also have the 360 camera which worked fine after the upgrade.

    Overall, I’m pleased with the new look and having updated maps. The map version is showing NA 0118 now with this process. I was at NA 0115 before.

    Things I lost were my phone pairing and navigation history, including favorites. Those things were expected and not really a problem. Longer song titles in SiriusXM are in slightly bigger text now but consequently get truncated at the end.

    Overall am pleased with the outcome and would recommend the process for those pondering it. Thank you very much for the work to put this together and your time sharing.

  • Hi first of all thanks for this tutorial!

    I upgraded to 3.4 version 19101 on my NA (with Nav) Canadian ’16 Focus RS this morning.

    Everything works as it should except now I cant get the voice commands or nav instructions to be spoken in French. I was able to change the interface to French though but none of the commands or nav voice changed to French.

    I suspect I need to edit the files on the drive and the autoinstall file to install the french nav commands and voice commands. But I’m confused which file should be used to do so on the archived files above.

    Can you provide some guidance on how to customize the thumb drive files and autoinstall file to install the French Canadian voice command and nav command files?

    Thanks again for your help!

    EDIT: It seems the files below which were called for in the reformat.lst file and were also included in the SyncMyRide folder on the thumb drive should have taken care of the French Canadian language:

    How long does it take the unit to switch from one language to another? Is it instantaneous or does it need to ”Load” it somehow? Maybe my drive wasnt long enough after the update was done and it will be speaking French next time I use the car? Should I do anything different and repeat the update? Thanks for your help!!

    • Forgot to use the template you provided. See below for information supporting my previous message:

      1. Method used: All in One (NA with Nav)
      2. Country: Canada
      3. With Navigation
      4. Windows PC (Windows 10)
      5. Relevant information is detailed in previous message

      Thanks again!

      • Sorry for the short reply to such a long comment, honestly I’m not too sure, give it a little while if it’s still not working try a master reset, sometimes 2 are needed. If it’s still not working get back to make and I’ll look in to it.

        • Thanks!

          I do have nav in motion enabled through Forscan and someone on the focus rs forum suggested this could be the issue.

          Will change this setting back to original and see if sync can access the Canadian French voices without it.

          If it does not work in a few days I’ll let you know! It’s 100% functional in the meantime anyways.

        • So for anyone in North America doing the V3.4 update that had nav in motion enabled (using Forscan) before the update and that wants to use Canadian French (and I guess this would apply to Spanish also), you need to disable nav in motion to be able to use anything else than english for voice commands and navigation instructions. Big thanks to another member on the focus RS forum for identifying this solution.

          Hope this helps someone else in the future! @@CyanLabs:disqus thanks for putting this together and offering help if I couldnt fix it myself! Will look into buying you a coffee before I go!

          Any advice on updating to 3.4.19274 version? I see multiple comments below mentionning you dont really know what changes this really includes? Maybe you found out since then?

          • Thanks for the information, no there are no known official changelogs for these builds, likely bug fixes and maybe specific car fixes.

  • I upgraded from 18903 to 19101 and no problems whatsoever, so my question is should i upgrade to 19274 or leave it alone and exactly what does 19274 offer that 19101 doesn’t

    • As previously mentioned in this guide, no idea what the difference is so it’s up to you.

      • richard brachwitz
        3rd February 2020 10:41 am

        i have a solution for the slow loading of the DAB radio logo.
        Go to radio settings putt radio tekst switch to off and EPG to on and dia show to off and logo of course to on .

        this was the trick for me i tried this on 2 more cars and the same result radio on and after 5 seconds the DAB station logo.

      • I went ahead and used forscan to change the splash screen to Lincoln Continental and also Lincoln Next in the apim and left everything else the same. So when i get in the car i see sparkles on the screen and then see when the car is started continental and then it breaks up and then i see the audio, climate.etc… and when the car is shut down i see continental and then it breaks down into sparkles and then completely black, better then a boring screen.

    • For me, it seems a little snappier, and the Nav maps load faster… it used to take about 1-2 minutes for it to get them showing at start up, but now it’s more like 10 seconds I have a 2018 FFH, with a APIM out of a 2019 Mustang running of course 3.4 and 1-18 maps

  • I successfully updated my Mondeno 2016 apim from 3.0 to 3.4.19101 with EU NAV data. Previously I had Sync 2 apim, but I replaced it.
    Now I would like to update to 3.4.19274, but I don’t understand that the update pack why contains this “5U5T-14G381-CJ – 828Mb Sync3 v3.4.19274 02.10.2019 – This blocks the reformat tool” from sync archive section, when unblocked version is available “5U5T-14G381-DJ – 408Mb Sync3 v3.4.19274 02.10.2019” also from there

  • Downloaded reformat tool and unzipped, but there is no “DONTINDX.MAS”. Just the first two.

  • Jan Christensen
    2nd February 2020 10:47 pm

    Is it possible to made the Sync back to original stock again… 3.3 like it was before reformat tool and update to 3.4. a guide and the files to perform it will be nice to have in the guide

  • Gabriel Tagle Peraza
    3rd February 2020 5:13 am

    hey guys, i install the Sync 3.4 v.19101 and now i want to upgrade to the v.19274, after 20 minutes running the upgrade i have a ERR MEM, i was reading about and i find the problems is because i don’t have space, someone can help me with that, someone know is possible clean space on device, any idea what i can do, thks.

  • What is the difference between 19101 or 19200 build?

  • I also just did the upgrade. I was at first having issue with the second drive but i re-downloaded the file to another device. Reinsert drive 2 and boom it recognize the files . Took about 40 min from start to finish. Thank you so much, love the new look. Went in ForScan and modified some settings. The only error i received was GPS. went in the APMI configuration module and turned off GPS. fro some reason that was enable and went in APMI as built and modify 7D0-01-02 x*xx xxxx xxzz and changed it to 2 for some reason that was changed to 8. After that all was fine. I have a 2016 Explorer Limited fully loaded. APMI from a 2017 Explorer.

  • Question, Will features like in car WiFi or rear entertainment headrests be affected by this upgrade?

    • it shouldn’t but i have no car that has this feature

      • So it’s safe to say that any factory installed stuff that works with 3.0 should continue to work with the upgraded system. I know things like my tow package do show info on the instrument cluster, and my in car wan does have config options in the head unit display.

        Also, I bought the odb link adapter that forscan suggests, and purcahsed a lifetime forscan extended license but I’m scared to try the APIM firmware upgrade unless I can chat with someone who has done it already, that speaks english 🙂

        Last thing is me wondering about downgrade just in case this fails – given that I took screenshots of all the values in the diagnostics screen, I can recover from nearly anything?

        PS: I’d be willing to tip for some real time support when I do this.

        • Hi, I can’t guarantee it due to the nature of this but worse case is usually that you need to re-enable some stuff in Forscan, i don’t know of anyone who has lost features and not been able to get them back with Forscan, however ofcourse you can always be the first 🙁

          I wouldn’t recommend using Forscan to update the APIM firmware personally, it’s experimental and it’s slow, get someone with UCDS to do it.

          In theory provided you can find the files to match the files you already have then you can downgrade back to that version, if not you can still likely downgrade to a similar version,

          • **edit ** I may be back on track, usb2 was the wrong update usb and now its ‘updating apps package’ so I bet I’m ok.

            So I am having issues, after I did the first usb stick it rebooted, I’m on the red screen, and I’ve tried to reboot the car with the door open. I’ve tried using the second usb stick, etc.

          • What exactly is the red screen saying?

        • Provided it’s a suitable UK time i’m happy to assist.

  • Are you able to share with us steps how to update APIM firmware to get Radio logos and Calm Mode?

  • Hi. I just did the update and everything works fine. I have a Lincoln Continental and the original colors are gold. Do you know if I can change the color of the interface from grey to gold?

    • no idea sorry, if you can it will be in the testing settings and to permanently save it you will need forscan / ucds

    • Yes you can change the theme using Forscan in the APMI address location.

      7D0-03-01 xxxx x*xx xxzz 0=Ford Classic, 1=Ford Timeless, 2=Lincoln Timeless, 3=Lincoln Next, 4=Ford New Blue GT (must also set 7D0-02-01 xxxx xDxx xxxx)

      • Thanks

      • @CyanLabs:disqus @disqus_1DhaUVB2kf:disqus
        Love everything about the update but the theme, really liked the greyish/black borders I had with in 3.0. Not familiar with forscan, so my question is will the dealership change my theme for me if I take it there? Let me know where I can send you a little something for all that you’ve done here, thanks

        • Hi, firstly there are links on the post, near the bottom to donate or buy a coffee 🙂 secondly probably not, what theme are you wanting? forscan is super simple. in theory the dealer might help but they will probably charge more than it’s worth lol.

  • Hello,

    I have a 2016 Ford Taurus Limited. Will this guide work with my vehicle? I don’t need navigation since I can just use Android Auto, and I would like to use only one USB stick since I only have one 🙂

    Thank you.

  • 2016 GT-CS Premium, built in early 2016 with SYNC 3 w/Nav NA. Just updated today to v3.3 w/Nav NA coming from v2.2 and everything seems good to go so far except my usb ports don’t connect. I’m thinking I need the newer version usb ports, can you confirm this? I’m using a Samsung S9 for Android Auto, I do know that my usb ports don’t support AppleCarplay without an upgrade. I dabble with Forscan as well if I can assist in providing any data.

    • 2016 was supposedly a odd year for NA cars and sync 3, not so much here in the UK. You will likely need a new usb port, people on the discord server may be able to assist

      • That would be my luck buying an odd year ha. Just to confirm all of my USB ports are acting the same, they charge the phone but do not have a data connection. Thank you for taking the time to put together this guide! Everything else works great and the update went just as expected. “Coffee” coming your way and cheers from Alabama!

  • Yecid Fontalvo
    6th February 2020 2:45 am

    Hi. I use the “Sync_Reformat_Tool_CYANLABS.zip” without error. Then the second file “Sync_3.4.19101_NA_Base_WithNav_CYANLABS” fails.

    The usb have the correct format. I did try two downloads with teh same result.

    “Error in 4U5T-14G421-CBB_1547152841000.TAR.GZ”


    I will try now with another zip file for the secod USB: “Sync3.4-19101-US-cyanlabs.zip”(*)

    I did chek the “bezel diagnostic” and find GPS activity. For my country the mexicans New Fiesta Titanium AT comes without camera, or GPS actiavted.

    Now the module ask for the usb. If doesnt work the second option for usb 2 (*), How i can to restart to the previus version of sync?


  • Ireneusz Szafraniec
    6th February 2020 4:14 pm

    Hi. I have recently uploaded Sync 3.4, 19274. Unfortunately, I can’t do voice commands in navigation and I want them to be Polish. I tried to upload the recommended file “4U5T-14G422-BCC.TAR.GZ” the error “MEM_Erro1” occurred. Where did I make a mistake? I don’t know what 32 GB or 64 GB memory I have, how can I check it?

    • You are out of memory so will need to customize your install process and start from scratch remove some stuff that isn’t needed etc.

      • Ireneusz Szafraniec
        6th February 2020 10:09 pm

        I just don’t know what and how to delete? And I have a question, if I did the installation process Sync 3.4 again and uploaded “4U5T-14G422-BCC.TAR.GZ” before the map file?

  • Thank you man, i just updated mine from v3.0 to 3.4,,, successfully

  • To reinstall 3.0 after downloading the correct archive files and create the reformat.lst, just have to put the USB after the first one ?

  • Ivan Del Barco Valls
    6th February 2020 9:41 pm

    Se puede poner fondo de pantalla sync 3.4??

  • Just wanted to give an update on what I am seeing after this update. Here is my vehicle and version info that i had before I started.. 2019 Ford Escape Titanium – Sync 3(NA-3.0-18093) w/Sony 10 Spk.

    -Started with the reformat of the Sync 3 head unit.
    –Took all of 10 sec.
    -Installed the 3.4-19101 update.
    –This was the major update that took 30-40 minutes.
    -installed the 3.4-19274 update.
    –This was a minor update that seemed to only take about 10 minutes.

    I had zero issues with any of the above and actually preferred the “long way” because you could actually see what point in the update it was in.

    After the 19101 update it did take a minute to come back up as it completely changed the appearance of the sync 3 interface. It looks more like what the 2020 Explorer is coming with. I like it!

    After the 19274 update it seems to be a tad quicker and more responsive as well. To my ear it sounds like there are some DSP adjustments in the update. The overall sound of my audio system is much better, include more bass.

    In a comment below, mentioned that they were unable to use voice commands in navigation. That was a change but I can varify that in my vehicle that they are working and with the 3.4 update are more user friendly. I was unable to specify a specific location to search for. I can do that now. Hit the button, (say) “Find a place” and it will ask for the name and present the results. Might ask for verification if there are a lot of similar sounding names.

    As a side note and how I happened to find this page. The files that I was getting directly from Ford are crap always giving me a corrupt error.

    Thanks for gathering all of this info and updates together!


    • How did you perform the 19274 update?

      • Same way that I did the 19101. Since you aren’t doing the reformat again you don’t get the great progress bar but after you turn the car on and you plug the drive in. It will start to read the files and after a minute or three you tell you that the system is being updated at the top of the screen. DO NOT remove the drive until it tells you too and it should tell you too. After you pull the drive it will reboot. I didn’t even have to restart, it did it on its own, even though it said that it would apply the update after a restart.

        The interface looked the same to me and to be honest I didn’t poke around enough in the 19101 to know what actually changed in 19274. I did notice the difference in the sound in the 19101.

  • Jonathan Christian
    7th February 2020 2:27 am

    Can someone please tell me what the maps version looks like with the update?

    Mine shows: Navigation Maps Version: NA 1 18

  • I came upon this site and noticed it was showing how to upgrade Sync 3 and also the navigation. I currently have a 2018 F-150 and the map is 1 15 showing so I am assuming this will be more updated than what I have currently. I have 2 USB sticks currently and if need be can get another one but I download the first part in instructions so far but for some reason the second part will not work. Getting an error message using stuffit expander to copy to USB. Expansion Failed – the structure of the archive is damaged.

  • Hi,
    Can you please tell me how to get the Polish language? I updated my sync 3.0 to 3.4 and I only have 3 languages, French, Spanish and English. What is more, voice notifications are in French even if English is set as default.

    • Hi, I don’t understand why people are updating and then asking me for help, i need the IVSU’s of your existing version so i can compare and figure out what are needed for other languages, if you haven’t taken this then you will need to look through the file archive above and figure out for yourself what is needed for Polish.

  • Do you have an alternate mirror for downloading the base system (mine is US+Nav)? I have a few days of down time from work to tinker with this, but the internet sucks here and my attempts to download it last night would stop at 3-5GB, and today Google Drive is saying “Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently”. Thanks!

  • Did follow the steps and after download I could not get my ambient lights to work.
    This is on a 2016 flex with U.S. with Nav and Sony

  • If you are using EU or NA non navigation model or a NA navigation model, is there any need for a third USB? As far as I can tell you are done after using the second USB. Is this correct?

  • Hello,

    Mustang Sync3 ‘usa NON navigation.
    Need EU maps

    How to resolve that? How expend memory.
    Or use this: “1U5T-14G421-BAE

    • No way to expand memory. The non Nav units do not have enough storage to install complete US maps. EU maps are a certain no go due to size.

      • [email protected]:disqus you are correct., however he/she could install parts of the maps if they wanted, i won’t go in to the details of this though

        • Expand momory possible..
          Just question, same NAND contains ‘Base system data / maps data?
          If no, can i update to EU base data? Then replace bigger NAND and write maps/voice etc..

        • hey fma965. Still, could you please go into more details? I have a non NAV Sync3 but I heard that it might be possible to turn it to NAV but only for part of the EU maps. I am from EU. So, after downloading the “Sync_3.X_EU_F8_Navigation_CYANLABS.zip” can I just delete some of the files inside the zip archive? Can anyone tell me what countries are included in each of the 10 files?

  • Hello. Little off-topic, but maybe not. I have 3.4-19274 from long time. Everthing is working well. Nowadays there is getting dark earlier and I see that Google Maps on AndroidAuto doesnt respect night mode. At night I have day template on google maps which is very inconvenience.

    When I run Waze there is dark mode.
    Then I change to Google Maps – on the begining there is night mode, but immediately changin to day mode
    Then I go back to Waze and there is day mode.
    No way to change to night mode until next ignition on (but waze has to be run previous session)
    Google maps never get into night mode.

    Any changes in AA or Google maps to force night mode doesn’t work.

    Any of You have simmilar issue?
    I’m wondering if I should revert back SYNC3 to earlier version?

    • Hej. Widzę że jesteś z Polski. Mam pytanie w kwestii upgrade do 3.4. Czy mógłbyś podać jakie pliki instalowałeś aby wszystko działało prawidłowo. Głównie chodzi mi o to aby zainstalowane mapy były w j. polskim, nawigacja działała po Polsku no i komunikacja z autem wraz z menu także po polsku. Nie chciałbym aby coś poszło nie tak. Przeglądam to forum i trochę mam obawę. Osobiście mam wersję najnowszą udostępnioną przez Forda.

      • This is mine reformat.lst (EU with polish language + en, de etc …):


        Be aware: OneWay Ticket – if you done 3.3 or 3.4 there is no way back to 3.0. It changes partitions inside sync.
        Details of packages can be found: https://ffclub.ru/topic/418797/jump_450/ look for post: KuZia495 7 February

  • Michael D. Buck
    10th February 2020 5:45 pm

    Hello there, I’m ready to do this upgrade from 3.0 and I need some clarification on some things.
    1. I want the ability to downgrade back to 3.0. I read about as much as I can about this but, the instructions for doing so somehow elude me. I have taken the requisite pictures of my ISVU so I have that. In your instruction you have this: 6. Once you have all this information safely saved we can exit bezel diagnostics and continue with the rest of the guide.. Outside of the pic I took of the ISVU, how exactly do I ‘safely save’ this information? Flash drive? How do I make these files?
    2. Sorry, should have asked this first but, is the reformat file you have good for this downgrade if necessary? I would expect the process is the same for doing a downgrade as an upgrade.

    I’ll leave it at that for now because these are the most important pieces I need answered before I do this 3.4 upgrade. I’m just missing the pieces of info need to go back if needed. Thanks!

    • Doesn’t matter. Having your old versions is only good IF and I say IF there is a way FOUND to restore 3.0 back to systems that did the 3.4 upgrade. The reformat tool changes the partition size of the storage for the Sync 3 system. As of now, there is NO way to repartition the system to allow 3.0 to be reinstalled. I really don’t know why Cyanlabs is telling people they can. I’ve been following the Russian forms since back in July when this information was found. There is no current way to reinstall 3.0.

      • Old versions are definitely worth taking note of I’ve seen a few reports saying that they have successfully downgraded. Ive not tested this personally.

        A photo off the numbers of good for record

        • And that’s why I have these questions because there seems to be no foundation or proof of a way to downgrade back to 3.0. Only suggestion.
          I would like to do this upgrade but, without putting it back to its’ original structure, it could lower the market value of the vehicle when it come to selling or trading. There would also be no guarantee that updates for 3.4 would keep coming and be available in the future because there’s no corporate backing like that from Ford as distasteful as that is for some.

          Sorry about being so negative but, these are things one needs to consider with this upgrade. Still, it sounds like a good product and I may choose to do it anyway.

          I haven’t seen what it actually looks like after the install. I’d like to see what it looks like. There’s some info on what it can do but, I’ve seen no pics. Any place I can go to see these?

          • Why this could lower the market value ?? I don’t understand this …

            I have upgradred a F150 to 3.4 and downgraded to 3.3 without any issue as 3.3 is a Ford release …

          • I should have made that a bit clearer. I’m not sure which model year Ford started using 3.3. You would probably not have this issue but, I have a ’17 F150 and my reference to market value could affect older models. As far as I know, 3.3 is not offered from Ford in the model year I have. If they did, I wouldn’t hesitate upgrading to 3.4 myself. The question of downgrading would be moot.

          • i still don’t get why a upgrade would lower your market value, does your pc going from Windows XP to Windows 10 also lower the market value? no.

          • With windows, probably not but, It was only a consideration I was pondering anyway. This upgrade is unique to newer year models so, if you have an ’18 or newer, it probably wouldn’t apply since they come with a newer version than 3.0. Since my ’17 F150 was only designed to only have 3.0, doing this upgrade loses support from Ford so you have to be mindful to turn off the ‘automatic’ updates feature and that is part of why I suggested that it could affect market value. As it is, it’s just me speculating the issue.

            With that, I’ve gone ahead anyway and done the deed so, my truck now has 3.4 with the latest update. All went well except one small issue of it not displaying the contents of playlists and such from my iPod. Maybe in time, that will change or there is some tweak that can be done to solve that. Anyway, it seems to work just fine at this point.

          • automatic update feature wont matter in the slightest, look at a official ford update autoinstall.lst you will see it checks old version prior to updating.

            Glad it all worked out for you 🙂 not sure on the ipod as not something i use unfortunately.

          • Your instructions were very easy to follow unlike some sites that seem to need to go off on tangents. As far as the auto update goes, I’ll turn it back on as it may have something to do with what the ipod can display and other features. I did a master reset to see if that would correct but, it seems to me that under the older 3.0 version, the issues I’m having now with the iPod had a similar issue then and it seemed self correcting . We’ll see.

  • First of all thank you for the great help and the guide
    2016 Ford Escape Titanium AWD with NAV
    My records of the update:
    1st part went smooth (ver=306) but after initial reset got stuck on “Starting update…”
    Pulling out the USB, turning off the car, nothing helped
    what eventually saved me was after i start the car and still was stuck i played with the power off button of the sync and it restarted
    then asked for the second USB
    for the first 18 min it switched between “Extracting app package” to “updating apps”
    next 5 min it switched to “extract voice package”
    last 2 min showed “extracting grace note package”
    finally after 25:09 i recieved the green screen
    now it showed Build 19101_PRODUCT
    *one stange thing is after update it showed “USB hubs are not supported, Please remove”

    then it took another 10 min for the next software update
    now it shows 19274_PRODUCT

  • Hi
    I have a sync 3 and brought my ford transit custom new Earley in 2019. Looks like it is on version 3.0 looking at this it looks like I can update to 3.4?
    Mine is non nav.
    Also does any one have a guide on what to change in the apim for adding radio logos and calm screen?
    I have used forscan to change things before and from memory there are codes to change. Does anyone know these codes?

    • You need to update the firmware with experimental forscan or ucds for radio logos and calm mode.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        Can you provide any info or links to get my hands on what is needed. I do already have a recent version of forscan but not sure what you meen by updating the firmware?
        Will it just be options to turn on once I update to sync 3.4?

  • Just want to share this in case someone is looking for upgrade. Looks legit.


  • Aaron C Sampson
    11th February 2020 4:30 am

    Hello have a 2016 Flex NA w/ Nav did the update from 3.0 to 3.4 19101. Haven’t done the update to 19274. Install was smooth and worked well and directions were spot on. Did run into a few hiccups, nothing I cant tolerate, but figured I’d ask if anyone was able to fix these issues.

    1: USB hub not compatible pops up on APIM boot from time to time. All other usb functions work.

    2: cant program door passcode from touch screen/option menus using factory door code. Doesnt recognize factory passcode.

    3: after update ability to change visual layouts in forscan not changing. Stays the factory 3.4 blue when changed to all other available options like lincoln Next, Lincoln timeless, Ford timeless act.

    • I had the same issue with my passcode after 2-3 days I tried again and it works …

      I have been able to change splash boot screen in forscan but the only visual layouts available is 3.4 …

      • Aaron C Sampson
        11th February 2020 4:02 pm

        Yeah I have been able to do splash screens. My guess was the wipe removed the stock visuals variants but I am still able to see them in the diagnostic menus. So idk? I was hoping for a darker layout option. The 4 dark options arent terrible, just alot of blue still. Lol

  • Hi. Thanks Mate. Mondeo MK5 2017 Sync 3.0 —- 3.4 plus Navi EU. All works. Peace 😉

  • I am currently trying to install version 3.4. with navigation I am unable to get past the extracting apps package… Message. I have let this attempt a load for nine hours, then I restarted my system and turned it off. I reloaded the sync files to my USB And tried again. I have been waiting for over two hours and I am still stuck on extracting apps package… Message

  • I have a 2016 F150 with Non-Nav North America. For anyone who has updated a Non-Nav unit to version 3.4, is it worth it? Is it more responsive / less lag with android auto after updating?

    Also I will need to update my USB module. I would like this USB type C module as that is the port on my phone, so it should be a better connection. This module says it only works with version 3.4. So I’m wondering if I could update Sync to 3.4 with my old USB port that doesn’t work with version 3.4, then install this USB type C hub. Anyone else do this?

  • This all worked a treat on my UK 2016 Mondeo.
    Been using 19101 for a week now with no issues. Only strange thing was the speed of the voice package install, about 5 minutes. Maybe I’ll try with the latest packages added today.
    Considering pushing to 19274, any significant gains from this?

    • i dont use it because you can’t turn off auto-dim and some specific devices have issues with bad brightness changing including mine so i stay on 19101.

  • Hello
    I used the instructions to update sync 3 to version 3.4 mondeo mk5 2018 works almost everything, only the phone does not display the last calls. can I do anything about this?
    one more thing you could do that version that plays video files on sync 3 i saw something on youtube
    But great respect for this video, well done

  • This all worked a treat on my UK 2016 Mondeo.
    Been using 19101 for a week now with no issues. Only strange thing was the speed of the voice package install, about 5 minutes. Maybe I’ll try with the latest packages added today.
    Considering pushing to 19274, any significant gains from this?

  • Just finished the install on my 2013 Fusion with a sync 3 retrofit from a 2017 Fusion. Had one hiccup and got scared. Plugged in the flash drive with the formatting tool and that worked flawlessly. It booted into the screen asking for the second flash drive to be plugged in. This is where I got scared. I plugged in the second drive and nothing. I waited 10 mins while it told me to insert the drive. Eventually I gave up and tried to shut it off. It refused to shut off so I walked away and went back to the computer. I then erased the drive that had the formatting tool on it and then copied the 3.4 files to it. Back to the car and popped in the drive with the new files and away it went. took all of 5 mins to fully install and reboot. I can also confirm that the Lincoln theme is working for me ( I had used FORScan previously to enable it on Sync 3 v2.2) Booted slow but works perfectly! Unfortunately CarPlay directions are not forwarded to my instrument panel but overall I am very happy with the results! thank you for the easy to follow guide.

  • I just tried updating and am having problems. I inserted the first usb and the red screen saying error update package not found came on. I turned off truck and opened the door then restarted the truck. It said insert usb so I put the second usb in. It appeared to be loading fine until about 1/4 of the way and I got this error message. (See pic) Please help me on what to do?
    Sync Version:3.0
    Navigation or Non Navigation:Navigation
    What type of computer you used (Windows, Mac, Linux etc):Windows


    • Happy to report i got everything updated and working fine. I read on here that a old/cheap USB could cause errors and sure enough that was my problem. I went and got a 3.0 USB Sandisk and it loaded up just fine and quickly too. I’m also happy to report that my Raptor Splash Screen is still active(It was showing Lincoln Black Label until i did a Master Reset) as well during startup and shutdown. I did not see the Android Auto navigation on the small screen in the Dash Cluster / Speedo. though when i had my Android Auto on? Is there a setting i must turn on? And lastly I’m debating if i should upgrade it to 19274? Any thoughts as to why or why not?

      • Might depend on car, my focus has it. You may also need to update firmware with ucds

        • It’s no big deal to me. As long as it works on the big screen. Thanks so much for your detailed information on how to update (only thing I reccomend is adding that if you get the red screen and error after inserting first usb just take it out after a couple minutes and insert the second one. That’s the only part I was in sure of) SYNC! I was very nervous and could not of done it without your information. I looked on the FordF150Forums of someone else’s right up how and definitely didn’t understand all the steps.

  • im trying to download needed files but its saying “Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently”will this be working again soon or can i get files somewhere else? looking for

    American Navigation Base Package (for Nav variant) with 19101, NA Grace notes, NA Voice (NA logos are pre-included), Navigation Map and Voice data.
    Languages supported: English American, French Canadian, Spanish Mexican

  • whoever put this all together,thank you so much!worked perfectly,2016 f150 with nav. i think i need new usb hub now? does anyone have a link to the one i need for android auto to work? thanks

  • Worked great with exception of the following error I get everytime I turn on the car: “USB hub not compatible.” I am using a Ford Edge sport 2016

  • Worked great with exception of the following error I get everytime I turn on the car: “USB hub not compatible.” I am using a Ford Edge sport 2016

  • f there is no fix to it.. how is it possible to revert back to sync 3.0 or even 3.2 or 3.3

  • Team,

    Got everything working and functional… only one problem… the voice package in the navigation doesn’t work,,, basically no sound just a back fade of sound like when it controls the volume to speak but no voice then music comes back on.. something needs to be rectified in the files

    using the middle east mena file for nav

  • Where can I download map data for Vietnam? Thank you!

  • This still work with Ford Pass with remote start, etc?

  • Thanks. works perfectly. i have 1 question. Country of Georgia, how do i get the maps for it? Not in F8 Europe maps. i like to get it , because i travel between Russia and Turkey often and pass through Georgia, would be nice if i can add. instead of trying to use another map on the phone to compensate,

  • Thanks for adding the files for Australian region.
    Steps 1,2,3 from above worked flawlessly, and I’ve now got the system to 3.4
    However, when I try to install the maps I’m getting an error code LIC_ERR01

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d24e8029069a48eabf6505e7fc3169ca81d5d49179c19f6375b33ed442d0317e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f2f92db1af3ec6ea209865cae07a1eefe05c54c926a3e3bc2674b90a992859a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42310a0072d3c72f0be7878d71ad7ca21453a4d5ef222273aea95fca8fc39d8e.jpg

    I downloaded the files again and checked the hash are correct. I then tried again with a different USB stick and got the same error….

    • Looks like Australia maps are the same as Na maps then and need a license file. Might need to merge them in to one package via reformat.lst instead.

      • ok, I dowloaded the NA maps and looked at the reformat.lst, I particularly noted this entry:


        So I extracted that package, and found the license.txt file. It simply lists all the install files ?


        Should I simply follow this as an example ?

        I also noted both the NA and the AU have Version.der files. The NA one is full of chinese characters, but the AU one has english sprinkled through it

        Ford Part Number = 4U5T-14G421-DAB
        Version Number = SYNCGen3.0_3.3.18085_PRODUCT
        Type = Map
        File1 = map_new.img
        File1 Hash Value = ba93a7d91f34e9525a2296cb7292c0a575866cbb77c979cdfc7984690811709f
        File1 Size = 6,481,248,256
        Save Location = /fs/images/

        Ford Motor Company1806
        Ford Motor Company Internal SyncGen3 Issuing
        Ford Motor Company
        Sync Dynamic Code Signing Gen3 A40
        http://www.certdata.ford.com/CertData/Ford Motor Company Internal SyncGen3 Issuing CA.crl0
        http://www.certdata.ford.com/CertData/ipkisyncg3-vm14_Ford Motor Company Internal SyncGen3 Issuing CA.crt0

        Ford Motor Company1806
        Ford Motor Company Internal SyncGen3 Issuing CA

        • Further to this, I downloaded the chinese maps, and compared its autoinstall.lst file

          ; SYNC3 F7 CN Map Update – Only for Nav assemblies – Cyanlabs

          Item1 = 4U5T-14G421-AA.tar.gz
          Open1 = SyncMyRide4U5T-14G421-AA.tar.gz
          Options = Delay, AutoInstall

          To the australian one:

          ; SYNC3 F7 ANZ-SA-TW Map Update – Only for Nav assemblies – Cyanlabs

          Item1 = 1U5T-14G421-DAG
          Open1 = SyncMyRide4U5T-14G421-DAB_1551293575000.TAR.GZ
          Options = Delay, AutoInstall

          Note the typo in the “Item1” entry ? Could this be the cause of the problem ?

          I wont try editting it unless you advise ….

          • the itemX name does not matter i could name it “cyanlabs” if i wanted it would still work.

            The issue as mentioned is we do not have the australian license file, you need to add MAP entries to the reformat.lst of the australian package, i will do it when i have time but right now i don’t.

          • Success !

            I edited the reformat.lst, dropped all the packages on one usb stick and installed in a little over 20 minutes.

            Here is what I used:


            A big THANKS for all the work you’ve done and the help you are providing here !! 🙂

          • Awesome, the reformat tool bypasses any requirements for licenses etc so it just works 🙂 didn’t know if Australia would have this issue or not, EU doesn’t, NA does, i guess i can add that Australia does now also.

          • Just updating a fixed package for future reference now 🙂

          • Thanks for this information. Can you show me the map version you got? (I’m current have ANZ 1.17 Sync 3.0)

            I just tried to get this file http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/1U5T-14G421-DAE.tar.gz (As this is showed on my IVSU’s). But same with you, the Version.der is just to checksum of maps file, not sure what should be the value for MAP_LICENSE

  • Just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.4 Base system in my 2019 EU Ford Transit Custom with nav, worked fine, now preparing my usb for nav map data.
    Keeping you posted!

    • Hi I also have a 2019 transit custom. Good to hear your update from 3-3.4 has worked. Mine is non nav but hoping I have no trouble. Can I ask after your update when using Google maps are you now able to see nav instructions from this on your instrument cluster in front of steering wheel?
      Do you get radio logos when listening to dab?
      Thanks in advance

      • Haven’t tried the Maps instructions in the main cluster, will do tomorrow. Nav Map Data installed perfectly, but, I didn’t have to install voice data, is that correct? I don’t get radio logo’s because you need to do that via Forscan and I’m not familiar with that…
        Other thing: I liked the old theme much more than the new one actually 🙁

        • Thanks for your reply
          I also installed this yesterday and your right the radio logos do not appear and it is apim update via forscan. At the moment I can’t find any reliable info on the forscan forums that relates to actually getting this to work?
          I have a non nav unit and am wondering whether it is only the nav units that throw up the Google maps nav info to the instrument cluster? If anyone can help at all with this I would be grateful.
          My voice works fine but are you relating to nav voice?
          Also know what you meen about the theme.
          Function wise is better but look wise I am not loving it. Its just OK…

          • Tested the “Maps” interface vs main cluster feature, does not work here, it keeps forcing me to Android Auto interface…
            For me not a big deal as I use Waze trough AA most of the time….

  • Updated my 2016 F150 NA Base without any issues. It actually completed in less than a half hour. My question now is that having version 19101 should I leave it at that or should I update to version 19200 or 19274 and if so is it just a matter of putting the update on a usb the same way and letting the system update? Thanks

    • should I update to version 19200 or 19274

      if you search for the phrase 19274, this has been asked a few times here already

      • Thanks, I did a bit of searching. Updated to 19200 for now and will wait a little longer or do more research on 19274 for older vehicles.

  • I have a 2016 Mustang GT Premium Non-Nav and updating from 3.0 to 3.4_build 19101 was successful! but when updating from 3.4 build 19101 to 19274 I get the error MEM_ERR03 meaning no space to extract according to the russian forum.

  • Anyone experience issues with ambient lighting and infotainment screen dimming in sync with dash not working after update? All other functions work as expected.
    -2019 Ford Flex Limited
    -3.0 to 3.4_19101

  • I have a 2016 Mustang GT Premium Non-Nav and updating from 3.0 to 3.4_build 19101 was successful! but when updating from 3.4 build 19101 to 19274 I get the error MEM_ERR03 meaning no space to extract according to the russian forum. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • UPDATE: I was able to install build 19200 by reformatting and compiling my own package replacing build 19101 with 19200. Also, I am unable to downgrade back to 19101 due to “MEM_ERR03” so I must use the reformat tool. Looks like 19274 isnt an option if I want the safety net of being able to start over…

  • hello guys do you know if Active Park Assist is working?

  • Reply
    • The screen doesn’t turn off after I turn off and lock the car. Any suggestions?

      • this is mentioned in the guide

        “If you are having issues where the APIM doesn’t turn off after the car ignition is off and door opened, you may need to use UCDS to set APIM > DEO5 > “illumination Gateway” > C1MCA,
        i presume this can be done via ForScan however unfortunately i do not have the AsBuilt hex values.”

  • No 3D maps after install. I installed this over Sync 3.3 up to the last edition listed here for 3.4. It works but I don’t have 3D maps, it’s still stuck on 2D. I went into the settings and set it for 3D, but no luck. Anyone else get this? Is there a fix?

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  • Chip Geisberger
    18th February 2020 8:59 pm

    try to do upgrade on my 2018 f-150 xlt sync 3 version 2.3 non nav with the 4.2 screen using 2 sticks tried a couple times couldn’t get it through any other options for upgrade

  • No 3D maps after install. I installed this over Sync 3.3 up to the last
    edition listed here for 3.4. It works but I don’t have 3D maps, it’s
    still stuck on 2D. I went into the settings and set it for 3D, but no
    luck. Anyone else get this? Is there a fix?

    1. North America
    2. Sync 3.3 now Sync 3.4 19247
    3. USDM Navigation Unit
    4. Windows 10 build 1909
    5. No error messages at all, it works fine otherwise.


  • Jan Christensen
    20th February 2020 10:01 am

    Is there not a newer version then 19274 ? Its now since October its has been out


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