Ford Sync Downloader

FordSyncDownloader is a Windows application created to make the upgrade process of Ford Sync as simple as possible.


Programming Language: C#

License: Closed Source

Requirements: Net Framework 4.5.2

Locales Supported

  • English (CyanLabs)
  • Dutch (Chris & Ton)
  • German (Ton)
  • Romanian (vlad costel tiberiu)
  • Afrikaans (Martyn Manley)
  • Finnish (Teppo)
  • French (Multiple People)
  • Hungarian (Multiple People)
  • Polish (Andi & Tomasz)
  • Portuguese (Pedro Aires)
  • Spanish (Guillermo, Rafa & vlad costel tiberiu)


This application has been replaced with Syn3 Updater
We would recommend you download that instead.

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