Fed up with having to be a SWEAT GOD to have fun on Call Of Duty and Halo?

What is SBMMDisabler?

Call of Duty Warzone, Warzone 2.0, Warzone 3.0 Vanguard and Halo use SBMM (Skill Bases Matchmaking) during it's matchmaking process, this is designed to match you with similiar skilled players but unfortunately however this can mean if you are a higher skilled player and play with lower skilled players the lobbies can be way too hard and this prevents the game from being fun!

This is where SBMMDisabler comes in to play!

Various services have existed for a while to allow you to bypass SBMM but they are all for profit, this online tool was designed as a free alternative and with full transparency in mind!

CyanLabs purchased these services to confirm our suspicions on how they work, after some digging we determined it was indeed done the way we suspected.

So how does it work? Great question!

Basically, there are 2 common types of "SBMM Bypass".
1. VPN'ing
2. GeoFencing (NetDuma)

SBMMDisabler works in such a simple way utilizing method 2, it simply blocks IP Addresses for certain regions preventing ModernWarfare from being able to reach those servers that are not in your chosen country/countries.

Please note that due to this utilizing Windows Firewall this only works on PC, this will not work on consoles.
It also requires Windows Firewall to be enabled as this is how the IP Addresses are blocked

Lets get started!

Technical Information

What do these powershell commands do?
Remove-NetFirewallRule = Remove Windows Firewall rule using Powershell
-DisplayName "CyanLabs_220822" or "CyanLabs_[GAME]_221119" = Name of rule to remove [GAME] is replaced
-ErrorAction SilentlyContinue = Prevent showing error if rule doesn't exist

New-NetFirewallRule = Create Windows Firewall rule using Powershell
-DisplayName "CyanLabs_220822" or "CyanLabs_[GAME]_221119" = Name of rule [GAME] is replaced
-Direction Outbound = Makes the direction of the rule apply to outbound connections
-Protocol Udp = Applies to only UDP traffic, not TCP
-Action Block = Applies the rule as a BLOCK (blacklist) rule not an ALLOW (whitelist) rule
-Program "X:\XXXX\ModernWarfare.exe" = Applies only to that specific application
-RemoteAddress x.x.x.x-y.y.y.y,z.z.z.z = List/Range of IP Addresses to Block
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