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If you are having issues where the APIM doesn’t turn off after the car ignition is off and door opened.

In ForScan set the APIM As-Built 7D0-06-01: x1xx-xx
In UCDS set the APIM DEO5 > “illumination Gateway” to C1MCA

  • Climate controls do not work correctly on the Focus mk3/3.5, Kuga/Escape and other older vehicles.
  • This can include reversed temperature controls, non-functioning A/C or recirculation functions.
  • This is a legacy hardware issue and will not be fixed. Vehicles of this age have the climate controls on screen disabled from factory.
  • APIM master clock AsBuilt setting may need amending. Depending on your vehicle model this needs to be set to either APIM, BCM or IPC. If the correct setting for your specific model is not known, try the alternatives and perform a master reset to determine which works correctly.
  • There is also an issue with certain builds, update to 22251 or newer.

Using the Utility Tab of Syn3 Updater create and run a Gracenotes Removal USB. Once done, install your desired update unselecting Gracenotes, once installed do the same thing but unselect everything except Gracenotes.

This error may be generated by a condition where data cannot be processed or saved on the system due to inadequate free storage/memory. This lack of sufficient storage space affects the ability of the APIM to process tasks, save settings, etc.

Before trying anything else make sure to Master Reset from Settings > General > Master Reset. Once done give it some time (with the car on over a day or so) and if the issue is still there let us know in the comments.

  • There is not a Mac OS version of the CyanLabs application available, therefore the manual method on the CyanLabs site must be used, though it is highly recommended to complete the process on a Windows PC using the Syn3 Updater app.
  • When creating reformat.lst and autoinstall.lst files, the Mac text editor tends to change the format from the required ‘.LST’ filename. Using the ‘Textedit’ appication in raw mode is a good workaround.
  • There is an error in the autoinstall.lst / reformat.lst file, re-create it/check formatting/ensure it is named correctly.
  • If using a Mac, see ‘Common issues using a Mac’ thread.
  • The ‘current version’ is set incorrectly in the Syn3 Updater app - you have likely entered your desired version (e.g. 3.4.20196) instead of your presently installed version (e.g. 3.0.19205).
  • Recreate the USB using the Syn3 Updater app using the correct current version.

This is thought to be a hardware failure in the APIM. Try performing a master reset and reinsert the USB stick. If the error persists, the APIM (Sync3) hardware module may need to be replaced in your vehicle.

  • Bad updates files, re-create the USB using the Syn3 Updater utility
  • You are attempting to use Sync2 files on a Sync3 APIM.
  • Either a typo in the autoinstall.lst/reformat.lst files, or the .tar.gz file in the ‘SyncMyRide’ folder is missing/corrupt.
  • If using the Syn3 Updater app, consider using an alternative USB drive and re-run the process.
  • Remove spaces/bad characters in autoinstall.lst and reformat.lst files.
  • Remove spaces/bad characters in file names of files/folders on the USB update stick.
  • Autoinstall.lst or reformat.lst files have extra spaces, line breaks or similar. Check with a text editor and remove the extra formatting.
  • Autoinstall.lst and reformat.lst files must be in the root of the USB drive, NOT within the SyncMyRide folder.

You can only have 10 items in the autoinstall.lst, remove extras.

Missing/incorrectly formatted reformat.lst file. Re-create the USB, or check for errors in reformat.lst using the manual tutorial.

  • One of the packages you are trying to install has been blacklisted on the version you are presently using.
  • The most common time this happens is when trying to use the reformat utility. Downgrade your apps version to 3.4.19101 or lower, or use the ‘downgrade’ functionality of the Syn3 Updater, then re-run reformat utility.
  • Perform a master reset
  • If the vehicle has undergone a conversion from Sync2 > Sync3 hardware, cheap GPS antenna commonly cause this fault. Replace it with a better quality (e.g. OEM) antenna.
  • If you have changed region, incorrectly set region causes this error. Install the correct map set or change the region code in the asbuilt.

Usually this occurs when you are trying to install maps on a non-navigation APIM.

Recreate the USB without maps.

  • Apple Carplay is not supported in any version
  • Android Auto is only supported in 3.4+
  • Feature must be enabled in IPC. If the feature does not work for factory navigation, then the navigation repeater option for your vehicle in the IPC module must be activated, this is different for each vehicle, and not available for all models.
  • There is an AsBuilt setting for ‘navigation repeater format’ which can be changed between ‘Intel’ and ‘Motorola’ format - it is worth swapping this using ForScan.
  • Perform a master reset of the APIM
  • Upgrade to 3.4.20196+ - lower versions require an APIM calibration upgrade to enable
  • DAB radio logos are stored in the APIM, not all stations are covered. If only one station is not working the database may be missing the station - it is not possible to manually add images.
  • FM radio logos in the US are not supported. Only HD Radio stations support logos.

Change NAV type in AsBuilt from Telenav to NNG

7D0-01-02: x*xx-xxxx-xxxx

If you currently have a 2 set it to 4
if you currently have a 3 set it to 5

  • If you are having issues with the screen being extremely dark:
  • In ForScan set the APIM As-Built 7D0-01-01: xBxx-xx
  • In UCDS set the APIM DE00 > “Illumination Strategy” to FOE
  • If you are having issues where the APIM doesn’t turn off after the car ignition is off and door opened:
  • In ForScan set the APIM As-Built 7D0-06-01: x1xx-xx
  • In UCDS set the APIM DEO5 > “illumination Gateway” to C1MCA

If you are on a version of SYNC 3 below 2.2 you may need to update to 2.2 before being able to go to 3.2+

  • The ‘current’ version has been set incorrectly - re-create the USB with the correct ‘current’ configuration set
  • You have incorrectly set ‘force autoinstall’ - recreate the USB stick without autoinstall forced (reformat mode is required)

Due to restricted filesystem space you may not be able to upgrade to a newer version of Sync3.

See the tutorial by F150Chief: Tutorial: Sync 3.4 NON-NAV APIM: Failure to Update to Newer Version Sync 3.4 - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

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