Synology Desktop DSM


    Here is a simple application to manage Synology devices that run DSM via a dedicated application on windows rather than using your browser

    • Manage via WebUI (192.168.X.X:5000)
    • Saves IP so only needed to be entered once
    • SSH access via plink (PuTTY command line)
    • Notification icon
    • Minimizes to system tray for quick access
    • More coming soon, leave a suggestion in the comments

    Version: 1.2.0

    Date: July, 2014

    Programming Language: VB.NET

    License: No License / Open-Source

    Replaced IE web engine with Awesomium web engine to fix weird issue with DSM 4493 (Update 3).
    Please note this does increase the filesize a fair bit as it is no longer using the built in Windows components.

    Added autoupdate
    Fixed a few issues

    Initial Release

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