Lock Me (windows screenlock) is a simple and handy tool that enables you to lock your computer using a custom image or video.

This utility allows you to do that where its not usually possible due to permissions e.g school, college, work or maybe a guest computer.

With the help of Lock Me you can lock your computer any where you want with or without admin permission.

  • Lock Computer where user permissions stop you
  • Lock Computer with a Background image/video (Customizable)
  • Set password once and never need to set it again
  • Change Opacity of lockscreen (50% minimum)
  • Start on windows startup (BETA)
  • Use keybinds to lock computer instantly, just like windows built in lockscreen (Win + L or Ctrl + L)
  • Auto updater
  • Multi Monitor Support (ALPHA)

Programming Language: VB.NET

License: No License / Open-Source

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