Here is a guide to show you how to root your locked bootloader Sony Ericsson Xperia Play using SuperOneClick and Zergrush
Published Date:
22nd February 2016

Here is a guide to root your Xperia Play with a locked bootloader, Before we start you must be on a firmware lower than xxx.62 (Settings > About Phone > Build Number).

OK lets begin.

First you will need to download some software.

OK now for the easy bit.

  1. Disable your AntiVirus as essentially the way you root this phone is via a virus for android 2.3.4. (anti-virus software will delete it).
  2. Turn on USB debugging on your phone. (Settings > Applications > Development > Usb Debugging)
  3. Install SuperOneClick and run it.
  4. Press root. (make sure the exploit is on Zergrush or auto) After a few minutes superoneclick will popup with a message box saying something along the lines of "success, would you like to check su"
  5. Press "yes" it should then return another message box saying "su access granted" or "phone rooted". At this point your phone is most likely rooted. To confirm it read below.
  6. To confirm if your phone is rooted (even though superoneclick just has) download any app that requires root (Root Explorer, Titanium Backup etc.) then if your rooted it will say superuser access requested
  7. Press yes to allow.

Congrats Your Xperia Play (Pre .62 Firmware) IS NOW ROOTED! thanks to the developers of XDA for the zergrush exploit.

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