VSX Remote was a application that would allow control of your Pioneer VSX Audio Video Receiver via a nice desktop interface however it was unfortunately never finished.
0.0.2 Alpha
August, 2014
No License / Open-Source


Hey guys, Just posting to say i am working on a new project. This project is code named “VSX Remote” it may or may not be the final name. Basically i am fed up with not being able to control my AVR (VSX-923) with my windows PC yet i can control it with my phone. There are a few 3rd party applications already available but they are either “ModernUI” only or paid/trials so i plan on making my own with more functionality and for free (donations welcome).

This is just some of the stuff i plan to add, Now since this is just a teaser of what’s to come some of this may be added and others may not be, new things are also likely to be added and i am welcome to suggestions.

Additionally i would greatly appreciate a GFX designer to contact me in the comments below should you wish to help with graphics.

As of now the only thing the application does is scans all IP’s on your local network to find any with port 8102 open so that i can auto-detect the AVR.

This remote should theoretically work on any Pioneer AVR that supports a telnet connection on port 8102 and possibly 23.

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