Sync 3.4 Video Install Files (Requires Hardware Programmer)

Sync 3.4 Video Install Files (Requires Hardware Programmer)




This package is designed for RESELLERS not END USERS

This item will provide you with some simple instructions and the required files to enable video playback on as many Sync 3 units as you like.

You require a hardware eeprom flasher, if you do not know what that is then this item is not for you.
You can get one from here

When placing a order please provide a serial number of your USB drive so that the files can be locked to this USB to prevent redistribution, you can get your serial number in Windows > Windows + R > Type “CMD” and then in the CMD window that open type the following “wmic diskdrive get Model, SerialNumber”

There are a few different people offering this however i like to think we have more features, unlike some of the competition this has the following features

  • Enable video playback with no branding (unlike others who brand there name).
  • Allow for custom wallpapers via USB.
  • Allow for custom Navigation/Status bar (instead of just some preset options)
  • Allow for custom shutdown animations (instead of a preset option).
  • If new Sync 3.4 builds come out new builds patched to allow this to work will be released to existing customers for free.
  • Instructions are English and clear to follow.
  • No brick code or complicated encryption slowing down startup time

**Please note it may take 48 hours before the file is generated after providing your USB Serial Number, usually it is much quicker though.


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