Max Weapon Level + Dark Matter + Player Levels


COD COLD WAR MODDED LOBBY! - Dark Matter, Weapon & Player XP!

Depending on your chosen package this service will provide you with

  1. Max Weapon Levels only
  2. Dark Matter Camo only
  3. Max Weapon Levels + Dark Matter Camos
  4. Max Weapon Levels + Dark Matter Camos + Instant Level 1000 (Max Level)
    (or optional lower value which takes longer)

Special discount during free week! Works on PlayStation, Xbox and PC!

Once you have made payment please raise a ticket via our support discord server and provide your order number with matching Discord username.

Feel free to contact us on Discord regarding these services prior to purchasing!

Discuss on Discord

For custom requests such as bulk discounts message us on discord and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note: Any weapons that have not been unlocked will NOT receive the XP or camos.



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